TwitPoll: What’s The Most Expensive Item on Your Outfit?

Last week we had a Twitter Poll where we asked our followers what was the most expensive item they had on their outfit that day. Our guess was right, mostly it was the bag that had the most expensive price tag. Second was the shoes, which was also expected. We tend to splurge on those two items because we’re going to wear them for a long time.

The third place was the clothes, but it was mostly for jeans and pants. I can relate to this as finding the perfect fit for your bottom area can be quite a challenge. So it’s always worth to spend when we finally found it. Next was accessories and it was reserved for watch and glasses. Something you can wear everyday and don’t have to change it on a regular basis, make sense.

What interesting was there were six percent of the respondents whose most expensive item was the lingerie! Wow, that’s never happen to me…:)

How about you? What’s the most expensive item that you have on today? We can see if the answer is still on par with the Twitterpol. Mine today is my watch…:)