Inside the Chanel’s Barn

I was so excited when I stepped inside the Bali room of Kempinski Hotel for the Chanel fashion show. Why? Because I saw a huge barn with hay everywhere, just like what they had at the Paris fashion show. Wow. Granted, it was much smaller and minus Lily Allen band, but everything else remained the same.

I’ve seen the clothes on so it was nice to see them live. The clothes, of course were nothing you would wear anywhere near a farm. Except maybe for the wooden clogs shoes and the straw bag. Oh, and there was one look where the model wore high-waisted pants with boots, that’s as close as farm chic can get.

The rest of the clothes are lovely. They were surprisingly look luxuriously understated, far from the unapproachable vibe usually associated with Chanel.  Or maybe the barn setting transformed the image into something more modest and down to earth?.