Reviving Old Staples & Creating New One

Do you keep any article of clothing from a certain season (like five or even ten years ago) in your closet?. I do, for the sake of memory, and secretly hope that someday they will be in trend again.

So I’m happy that this season I can go back into my old collection and just buy staple pieces to pair my old favourite items with.

1. I want to thank Balmain (among others who might follow his footstep) for bringing back my favourite flare and boot-cut pants back. Not only they are complementing my curvaceous body but they also make us, the normal people who don’t have the height factor of a model, look taller.

2. For this one, you don’t need to invest for another pair of jeans, because the cuffed jeans style can be created by using your old pair. So for those who are on the black period, you don’t need to break your vow of shopping celibacy. What you can do is to emphasize on your accessories and shoes. Use lovely ballet flats for a relax look or a fierce booties or pointy pumps to elongate your legs. Be bold with your accessories, I highly suggested on the dangly earrings (it’s time to get mine out from the storage!).

3. I have been seeing cropped sweater from various high street label since last season from Mango, Topshop and the like. It somehow gives me flashback to Jennifer Beals in Flashdance. I don’t know why my memory refers to that movie, maybe because of the gray sweats she wore on that movie eventhough hers was not cropped. However, it does inspire me to wear the cropped sweater off the shoulder with either racerback or tank. If you’re blessed with a flat stomach, you are more than welcome to wear it on it’s own.

Cropped tees seemed to be dominating the high street label as well lately. So there’s a lot of cropped anything for you to choose from.

4. Everyone’s favourite petite girls (Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen) have been wearing the longer skirt for quite sometimes. The longer skirt, which always cast a sophisticated ray can be a staple on everyone’s wardrobe this season. With The Row flaunting their longer skirt look on the runway this season, we hope that the market will follow suit. I’m hoping to see more longer skirt in interesting patterns and textiles, so that the sweet and feminine image that seemed to dominate longer skirt can be subdued.

5. Jacket will remain to be seen. It’s especially convenient  for those who work  in the corporate world so you can invest on your professional outfit that can be worn for other occasion. What remain to be the question is the type of jacket,  of course we’ve seen the padded one previously and it seemed that velvet, which emanates a luxurious feeling and double breasted can be our chosen favourite this season. I always thought that double breasted blazer to be (a little bit) masculine because that’s how the old man jacket mostly look like.

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