The Little Things She Needs

Image source: The little things she needs Facebook Page

Affi and I were at Plaza EX the other day to attend Yoris Sebastian book launch and we spotted a little store with colorful flat shoes next to the elevator. Obviously we immediately made a detour to check out the store. (Hey, it’s our job to let you know everything fashionable that we bump into ;) ).  The store is called the little things she needs and it has..well every little things that complete a girl’s look. Its product core seems to be the flat shoes that come in every shade of every color. The price starts at Rp 129,000. Not bad at all, eh?. I don’t know if they are comfortable or not though because I didn’t try them at all :D. (Black period, anyone?)

Or maybe I didn’t try them because I felt a bit discouraged that they didn’t let me take pictures in the stores :(. I mean, it’s 2010 where your customers are well connected through Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry Messenger and other social media networks, how could you not allow anyone to take pictures of your products? I own a boutique and I have sold a lot of items because my customer took pictures of them and sent them through BBM or posted it on Twitter. Not allowing customers to take pictures means you’re going to block out potential sale or word of mouth marketing.

Oh well, good thing I already snapped a few :D. So there…..have anyone tried the shoes?