Are They Really Identical Twins?

Contrary to public believe, it is very common for a woman to have two different sized or shaped breasts. Just like your eyes, ears and every other part of your body you have more than one of, your breasts aren’t likely to be completely symmetrical. Even if you had them enhanced they still can be different.

So now that you know about the possibility to have breasts that aren’t exactly the same, this doesn’t have to be a problem. Most women don’t even notice it and can easily find bras that fit them well. There are some women, though, that have a harder time finding a bra that fits both their breasts well.

What you have to look out for, if you have breasts that are significantly different in size, is that you don’t want to much empty space on one side of your bra or one breast falling out. There are a couple of tips to accomplish an even effect.

One thing you can do is buy a bra that fits your biggest breast and add a pad to the other side to compensate the empty space in one cup. These fillings are available in different sizes and colours, so there should be a pad for most size differences.

You can also buy a push up bra that has pads. Normally they are kept in a pouch in the bra. These pads are removable, so if you buy a bra like this in the size that fits your smallest breast you can take the pad on the side of you larger breast out and compensate for the difference.

So who have a different breast size here and how do you fix the problem?