Zara @ MAP Fashion Week

Mitra Adi Perkasa (MAP) held a series of fashion show last week in Grand Indonesia. The fashion week was intended to show collection for Spring Summer 2010 collection from various brands held under the company. If I’m not mistaken, this was the first time that MAP is holding such event.

Fashion show is usually reserved for those in the know, the fashion people, the industry/media people, but this one is held in the atrium where the mall visitors and brand enthusiast can watch it together. It really is a good way to grab everyone’s attention. Especially with the celebrities that were there to make it even more interesting to watch. Fashion people don’t usually into celebrities, but ‘regular’ people do. So even though the initial reason for them to stop was to watch Maia performed, but at the same time, they were also checking what she wore from head to toe and made a mental note to check it in the store afterward..

From the fashion show, customers can also learn about the themes of the collection. They can easily visualize what to wear a certain item with, or if they see something nice they can suddenly ‘recognize’ the need..:D. Fashion show like that excites customer to shop too as I can see the store was packed once the show was over.

On to the collection, it looks like they have two main themes.

The first one is cowboy inspired, where maxy dresses, suede messenger bags (with fringes, no less) and boots dominates the set. I’m not a fan of the first set but the second one is oh so tempting.. :D. My favorite color is navy and it’s just my luck that each one of  the look has navy touch. I didn’t know if I should be screaming in joy or worrying about the damage it might cause. All I knew was I loved everything about the second collection. The stripes, the professional but yachty mood, and the versatility of everything…*sigh*

When is their sale season again?