Goodies Under 100k: Maybelline Make Up Remover Eye & Lip

I’m super duper excited with affordable stuff that really delivers good result. Well, who doesn’t? :D

One of them is this eye make up remover from Maybelline which only cost around Rp 41,000 for 70ml. This stuff is widely available from department store to supermarket. One bottle will last me up to two to three months of usage.

This eye & lip make up remover is formulated for sensitive eyes, so it feels gentle upon application and doesn’t leave any oily residue. It doesn’t have any trace of fragrance, which is good since eye & lip areas are very sensitive. On the bottle, you can see two parts, the white water part at the bottom and the blue-ish blue oil at the top part. Shake well before use, and soak your cotton pad with the remover. I would apply the pad to the eye and press it gently and leave it for couple of second to remove stubborn waterproof mascara. If your mascara is the really stubborn type and really hard to remove, you might need to repeat this step again. Cleanse your face with soap afterward.

This remover is great for daily use and for those who don’t use heavy eye make up. It will not remove heavy eye make up easily. I really wish that they have added ingredient that helps to refresh the eye area after a long day at work and moisturizing ingredient. But for something this cheap I couldn’t complain much really.