My Kinda Coach Bag

When I spotted this latest Coach ad in the magazine, I immediately made a mental note to check the bag on Coach website, or in the boutique when I happen to be in Plaza Senayan. The bag, and the whole feeling of the ad reminded me what I once like about the brand;  the classic American appeal. The ads visualize a woman who is comfortable with herself and her accomplishment, doesn’t follow trend and knows what she wants. She knows how to enjoy life and always look stylish with her seasonless items. As for the brand itself, I always associate Coach with supple leather, non-fussy design with sturdy hardware, trusted quality and luxury at reasonable prices.

But things turn different direction at Coach and I didn’t pay attention anymore since it launched the new Op Art Logo, which I loathed a lot back then but it’s surprisingly growing on me now. The launched of the Poppy Graffiti, The Patchwork and other cartoonish design only made it worse for me, as I feel those are geared toward highschoolers.  I know a lot of FDers like the in -your-face design of Poppy that made them a convert to Coach (What can I say they are all young at heart..:)). So yea, Coach gained a new followers due to the colorful style, but it also loses a few that like the classic style of Coach. But it’s a good business to give the brand a youthful soul. After all, it’s those teenagers that will be their customers in the long run.

Coach is not the only brand who tries to give a youthful image. Other brands, like Louis Vuitton also have a more colorful line called the Multicolor. But what they do differently is, they priced the multicolor at higher price range, so the exclusive appeal is still strong and the brands follower won’t have to worry about carrying the same bag as many fifteen years old. Well, maybe  we don’t see much teenagers carrying Coach here, but they do in the States.

The ads made me give a visit to, which I think was not a smart decision because now I’m drooling over some of the bags.  They have many new classic leather bags in yummy colors that will easily pleased anyone. My favorite is the Kristin line, especially the green one in the middle. The exclusive pictures from Purseblog was the deciding factor for me that my next bag is going to be this one. Check it out here : Too bad I could only locate the python one on the store.

What about you, ladies? Which one is your kinda Coach bag?