Kalimantan Batik Skirt from Bateeque

It’s very comforting that nowadays Indonesian Batik gets more recognition from our own people and therefore, resulting in more exposure outside the country. The fact that getting batik becomes easier is also liberating. And not only batik is easily accessible now, the style and the materials are available in wider variety, too. You have much more to choose from than just the usual Javanese parang print or batik lawasan.

I have been in love with batik skirt since forever, so this Kalimantan Batik skirt from Bateeque will be a wonderful addition to my fast growing collection. You have two styles to choose from and it’s made from cotton so it’s perfect to be worn during daytime. The skirt cost Rp 130,000 and you can purchase it directly from Bateeque website at www.bateeque.com.

*Photo courtesy of bateeque