How to: Measure Your Bra Size

Did you know that at least 80% of women wear the wrong bra size? So there’s a big chance you are wearing the wrong size too. Wearing the wrong bra can make anything you put on over it, as beautiful as it may be, look less beautiful. That is why knowing the right size for you is so important.

Here is how you should measure your bra size. Always measure without a bra on or with a bra made from thin material (so don’t measure yourself with a push up bra on).

  1. It all starts with the band size. Take a tape measure and measure right under your bust line all the way around on you ribcage, as you can see from the picture. Pull the tape measure tight and look up your under band measurement in the chart.
  2. Second is your cup size. To find out what cup size you have measure all the way around the largest part of your chest, as you can see in the picture (line 2). Most often the line is measured over the nipple and you should hold the tape measure loosely. After measuring look up your cup size in the chart.So if for example your under band measurement is 72cm and your cup size measurement is 87cm, your bra size is 32C.

Keep in mind every brand is different. So always try on a bra before you buy it, even if you think you know your size.