(X)SML Anniversary Sale

Hey, it’s me reporting live from (X)SML store in Plaza Indonesia. I had a meeting across the street so I stopped by there on my way to lunch :p.

Amanda and I got there right before the lunch time started so we had the store all by ourselves. Nice, eh? But as soon as we got out of the fitting room there were already long lines of people trying to squeeze in sometimes in between their lunch hour.

Everything is 50% off..so it’s really a good deal. I was eyeing on a few skirts but the fit looked terrible on me :( and so did the cropped blazers.

But still I didn’t walk out of there empty handed :D.

The damage was one gray jersey skirt, one plaid sarong like shirt s/ billowy sleeve, a see-through muddy green blouse and a shift dress. Amanda got a wrap-style white shirt that’ll look good with dark denim, and two tank tops.

Have you checked the sale? Tell me what you got! If you haven’t, you need to go there today. Lots of oversize cardigans, vest, cropped jackets, classic with a twist skirts, jersey dresses, pretty tops and of course you can always count on (X)SML for comfy t-shirts.