Marc Jacobs F/W 10.11; Simplicity at its Best

Compare to Marc latest collections before this season, this one would seem too safe. But I actually like this collection much better than the previous ones. First of all, the whole thing looks like the old Marc, a bit conservative with some quirkiness throw in, and that’s what made me a fan in the first place. Not the trendy or overdone styling he brought to the table in the last few years. There are times when you’re just tired to see designers who try too hard to be innovative, to come up with something unusual but most of the timesĀ  the clothes get too impractical that you don’t know where you’re going to wear it to. When you’re buying designer items, you want a luxury you can wear for as often as you can, when it’s not wearable then it’s not luxury.

Every single thing in this collection can be worn with just about anybody. The pieces can also be mix and matched with everything that we already have in the closet. Solid colors, clean look and modest is what summarized this collection. Conservative but in a librarian chic kinda way. If you’re sick of the bodycon dress then you will burst a huge relief when you see this collection. The dresses are so sweet and ladylike too, some come with a peek of eyelet. You know, the kind of dress you want to wear when you visit your future mother in laws.

The shoes are just as beautiful too. They are done in similar tone, in simple design but rich in material. There’s no non-sense shoes as high as the next building. These are the shoes you can wear everyday and twice on Sunday…:D. Alright, I’ll stop the rave now. What do you think of the whole collection? Is it a yes or a no in your book? Tell me!