How To: Highlight Your Best Facial Feature

If people ask me about contouring, I always say that I much prefer highlighting than contouring. Bringing out our best facial feature is easier than trying to conceal what’s already there in the beginning. I’ve previously posted an article on how Nicola B, MAC make up artist from Australia, do her highlighting and concealing trick. But since we have abundance of photos in our bank image from Kelas Dandan, then I decided to explain more about where to place highlighting product with our beloved FD Forum Member Vveen as a model.

Product wise, highlighting can be done using foundation that is one/two shade lighter than your foundation. Highlighting powder can also be used to do the trick. Most powder targeted for contouring nowadays comes with highlighting powder in one package, for instance MAC Sculpt and Shape or Make Up For Ever Sculpting Kit. You can also use liquid illuminizer such as Benefit High Beam or Stila All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer.

The next question is where to highlight and find your highlight spot?

If you look into the diagram that I’ve given in the above mentioned article, the best way to actually find these spots is by looking up and see in the mirror where the light fall on to your face. Those are the area where you need to put highlighting product.

On the picture above, when Vveen look up you can see where the light naturally falls on her (i) cheekbone, (ii) nose, (iii) forehead and (iv) brow bone. Usually I would also put a highlighter on the (v) cupid bow of the lips.

To highlight the (iv) brow bone, you can simply fill in the area below your eye brow with eyeshadow that is as closely match with your shade and below the arch of your eyebrow put a little nude shimmery eyeshadow (and this one is actually Tje2p’s eyes not Vveen :p).

Highlighting the (ii) nose area has to be done subtly. Make sure that it’s blended well, and it doesn’t have to go all the way down. Just stop where Darwyn’s brush stop at the picture.

As for the (v) cupid bow, it’s actually the M area on your upper lips. By placing highlighter product in this area, it gives the impression that your lips is fuller.

You can find out more about highlighting product by visiting this thread on Female Daily Forum.