Ear Candling: a Pampering Experience

Before you hit me with your best shot, let me first tell you that yes, I’m aware that ear candling is controversial. I’ve known about this treatment for many years now, but have never been interested to try it, until I saw it done in a salon one time, and saw how relaxing it was. Errr, well ok,  I admit it–after seeing the (supposed) wax taken out of a salon client. So, first, let me tell you my experience, and then I’ll follow up with a commentary.

For one thing, I probably would not give ear candling a try had I not found a completely trustworthy salon to have it done. The place was absolutely clean and the therapists are absolutely professional, focused and confident about what they’re doing. No chit-chating or taking phone calls in this salon.

Prior to my treatment, I was asked to change my top  into a kemben, the tube top salons give you to wear during treatment. Then I was asked to lay down, and the therapist started massaging my neck, back and behind the ears for about 5 minutes. Next I was asked to lie on my side, and the therapist started to lit a candle–essentially a linen-based cone or tube lit at the top with fire. One end of the candles is placed gently in my ear canal; it did not cause any discomfort at all. While the candle was in my ear, the therapist continuously messaged behind my ears, creating a warm and relaxing sensation. After about 10 minutes, the candle is extinguished, and I was asked to change sides, and the process started all over again with my other ear.

After the second ear is completed, I was given further message on my neck, head and upper and middle back for another five minutes. Then the therapist asked whether I wanted to see my ear wax. As Madame Palin would say, you betcha! I must warn you though, if you don’t have a strong stomach, better skip this next part and directly read the last couple paragraphs.  :D

Let me tell you though, that I went in to the therapy with a couple of hypotheses. :D You see, two weeks prior to the salon visit, I had infection in one ear. It was probably caused by sand or other debris during a beach holiday a week prior. As usual, I took prescribed ear drops (containing antibiotics) to heal the infection.

So here’s my hypotheses: if any debris come out after candling, they would be:

  1. Different between what came out from the left and right ear (since one had experienced infection)
  2. The wax from the infected ear would probably be softer, because it’s been subjected to liquid three times a day for five days.

The result? Both my hypotheses were proven correct. The (supposed) debris looked very different. The one that was said to come out of the non-infected ear was hard and dark, it was more granulated in form. The one shown for the ear that had been infected, was more waxy to the touch, is much lighter in color, and there were more of it, like three times more.

So, here’s my conclusion. Definitely some debris was taken out from the ears. If not from the different pressures caused by the heat, then perhaps from the continuous messaging. Either way, something came out. Second, after the therapy, I did not feel as if my ears were popped, or that my hearing was improved. Everything was normal and felt the same. As for curing illnesses, well, I had none for the curing, so I wouldn’t know.

So the bottom line is, in my opinion, if you find a place that you can trust, you should try ear candling and see for yourself if it’s for you. If then you like the pampering, and feel that it benefits you positively, then by all means, continue. As for me,  I would at least like to try it one more time, when both my ears have been normal for a few months, to test another set of hypotheses :D

*image from morganlevymd.com