My Moss Bag

Yes. It’s another bag review, ladies!

Kate Moss has been the face of Longchamp for almost nine seasons now. It’s only natural that this talented model whose also known for her flair in fashion eventually collaborate with Longchamp to create handbags.

Sophie Delafonte, the artistic director for Longchamp said that this collaboration can only be done because mutual trust and respect from the label and Kate Moss. When Longchamp first working together with Kate Moss, she was with at the difficult time of her career and now they’re still working together.

Kate Moss with Sophie Delfonte

Kate Moss for Longchamp collection embodied Moss’s believe that bag should carry its purpose and not just hang open as an accessory. It should be light and able to fit a lot of stuff (sounds like my kind of bag!). After all Moss understand that real women tend to carry a lot of stuff in their bag. If the bag is already heavy to start with, it’s really difficult to carry it when you start filling it to the brim. You will end up paying more for your chiropractor bill! This collection, although still carries Longchamp classic style but also reflect Moss’s rock glam style.

My favourite bag from this collection is the large gloucester (the bigger version of the bag on the first picture at the bottom left) , in cherry red.

This collection has just landed in Longchamp store worldwide, so give it another month before it hit ours.

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*Image courtesy of Longchamp