Splurge & Steal: Jelly Shoes

Hanzky has previously written on the essential items during wet season like now, and I couldn’t agree  more on how convenient Jelly Shoes become on this weather condition. We don’t have the best  road infrastructure so it’s inevitable to see water pond everywhere. Thinking about whether the rain is going to cause flood in your area is already stressful enough without having to think whether your shoes are going to be stained from accidentally stepping into the mud.

Fret not, since the jelly shoes are here to save the day. The material is waterproof so you don’t have to worry that the rain is going to ruin them. They are very easy to clean and nowadays every brand seemed to offer their own version of  jelly shoes.

Melissa VW Ultra Girl Bow, Origami Floc & Treasure (www.melissaaustralia.com.au)

Starting from the most popular jelly shoes producer Melissa that seemed to capture everyone’s heart with their catchy color selection, trendy style and to-die-for designer collaboration. Melissa and Vivienne Westwood collaboration has captured my heart with the simple touch of bow, stamps or other simple details that prettified the jelly shoes. Visit 707 located in Aksara Kemang or Pedder Red in Plaza Indonesia to check the latest available collection of Melissa that’s available in Jakarta.


Even an Italian furniture house Kartell, known for their modern style furniture design made for plastics has teamed up with Italian fashion label .normaluisa to create a simple, two-toned plastic ballerina flats called “Glue Cinderella”. Although the shoe design is simple, the eye catching colour combination kind of justify the above $100 price. The shoes look so slim and feel like a second skin and they even skinnify (if there’s such word!) my feet!. These shoes are available from Linea outlet in Jakarta.

Prada, Christian Louboutin (www.instyle.com) and Marni

Many designers have also come out with their own version of the jelly shoes. Marc Jacobs, Prada, Missoni and  Burberry are among those that have tried to convince us to dish out more than $200 just to buy simple  piece of jelly shoes (some of them are even as simple as a flip flop style!). I’m not sure whether the name of the brand that’s embossed on the insole feet can justify the price (me thinks, absolutely no!). But I admit, I was tempted to get the Marni version of jelly heels that were out last season.

Top: YSL (www.matchesfashion.com), Bottom: Missoni (www.intermixonline.com), Right: Burberry (www.bloomingdales.com)

Our beloved online store Toko Dua Amoi also offer nice selections of Jelly Shoes with affordable prices startsingfrom Rp 200,000. Bata also sometimes have jelly shoes starting from Rp 35,000 sold on their store, but they flew off the shelf so fast (and mainly snatch by FDers :) ).

Visit our All About Jelly (Shoes & Flip Flops) thread on Female Daily Forum to get the latest information on the available jelly shoes style on the market and their pricing.  Trust the members to give you the latest information,we’ve got a lot of jelly spies on that thread!

ITC Jelly Shoes (photo courtesy of dina_nita)

So are you going to pick one yourself? Are you going to splurge or find a steal from your nearest ITC?