JFW 09/10: The Closing Party

The Jakarta Fashion Week closing party served as a great closure to the week full of fashion shows, press conferences, writing deadlines and running around in heels between the fashion tent to uhm….the restaurants on the 5th floor (hey, bloggers gotta eat too!). The FD crew who have been attending JFW religiously surely looked forward to a night full of beautiful people, beautiful food and copious amount of wine :D Moreover, we also really enjoyed spending the party with 20 of gorgeous FD members who won invitation to the event.

When we stepped into the fashion tent, we were all pleasantly surprised to find that it has turned into a chic lounge where guests, who consisted mostly of people from the fashion and entertainment industry, chatted  while munching on delicious canapes and enjoying the music from DJ Manda & Yana (Yes, THAT Manda & Yana a.k.a Ghea’s daughters :D)

During the event, we were given a chance to take a peek into what went on behind the scenes through awards that were given to the models, such as best catwalk model and best off duty models.

For guests who missed some of the designers collection  during the week, JFW presented them again on the closing party. The collections showcased in the fashion show included Priyo, Barli Asmara, Ghea, Lenny Agustin and more.

As the party grew hotter, Femina group announced the launch of its newest magazine Grazia! This franchise magazine from Italy has published its first three editions and it is packed with celebrity news, style and fashion and beauty-related articles that women like you and I love. It’s all of our guilty pleasures wrapped into a series of glossy pages ;)

As if that’s not enough reason for you to grab this ‘gorgeous and glamorous’ magazine from the nearest newsstand, you can also check out the Fashion Jury article because we have been invited to add our comments for their first six editions!

We would like to congratulate Femina Group for a wildly successful fashion week and the launch of yet another wonderful magazine. Can’t wait for the next one this year!