Do We Need to Wear Waist Slip?

I used to despise waist slip, or as our mother called them androk! Because they’re just irritating and by putting waist slip that means it’s one more layer I have to wear underneath my clothes. I  also especially hate them because it makes my legs sweaty.

Growing up, I see that there’s a necessity on using waist slip. Especially for those dresses or skirts that are see-through under the light. I guess being older makes me self-conscious about the attire I’m wearing and whether it’s proper or not.

Waist-slip help dress or skirt hang smoothly because it doesn’t directly get in contact with our skin. It also prevent skin from chafing if we’re wearing heavy or coarse fabrics such as wool or material with heavy nylon/polyester.

Waist-slip with light material such as silk, satin or cotton are more comfortable to be worn on hot weather condition. For white clothing, nude or skin tone colour is the best choice as it will look more natural whereas wearing white slip under white clothing will only emphasize the shadow of the undergarment.

Tummy control waist slip & Slinky waist slip (

Nowadays we can also find waist-slip that helps us create smoother silhouette and flatten our tummy.