State Your Love with Longchamp Le Pliage

If you don’t know what to ask your boyfriend (or even hinting to him what you want) for a gift this valentine, maybe this post will come handy for you. The Longchamp Le Pliage has been carried by millions of people worldwide because of its simplicity. With wide arrange of colours that will cater to anyone’s taste, and different sizes for all occasions, it’s no wonder that it is still carried by many women and become even more popular nowadays.

This valentine, ask your loved one to state their love with the limited edition Le Pliage that is accessorized by cute badges. Available in 4 sizes (small, medium short and long handle, and large long handle) and 3 colours (white, navy and cream). The price starts at $135 for the small one and $175 for the large shopper bag. Different size have different type of badges on it. Even different colours of the same size will have different badge colours.

I heard they sold this bag really fast in Paris, so you better get one fast if you’re thinking about it. I don’t have any information though whether this bag will hit our shore or not.

The lady bug on the large shopper bag is just too cute to pass, don’t you think?

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  • kucing penidur

    pengeeenn *nangis*

  • mimyjempolan

    Amal, pagi-pagi sudah bikin drolling..

    hhmmm..sekarang sudah tahu mau minta hadiah Valentine apa ke swami..
    good idea Mal..

  • lookforernest

    lucuuu..pengen yang small SH dong..T.T

  • kitty.minky

    Mba Amal.. Bs aja nih bikin ngileeerrr..
    Lucuu bgt.. Mau navy SLH, tp pgn yg badgesnya banyak juga :D
    Pgn liat IRL nya deh.. Hmmm.. Dmn yah?

  • linbeck

    hihihi…Amal…ampunnn….gw jadi buka web-nya deh pagi2…..:D

  • karin_karina

    Hehe bener banget pagi2 udah bikin drooling. Love tha badges on the cream one…

  • gelasorange

    racunnya ampuh…
    akhirnya dibahas juga disini…
    *ngiler…. :drooling:

  • missailema

    I want! I just bought a La Pliage a month ago and still want more. :)

  • kwek2

    aku mau yg gedeee. biar badge nya banyakkkk… :P

  • dora

    wow badgenya lucuuu bgt.. jd pengennnn

  • MrsRance

    Amal, the bags will hit the stores around late febuary or first week of march. I am eyeing beige medium SH :D

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  • hadrie

    hi! I’m from Brunei..thinking of going to Jakarta for a quick shopping trip before heading to Brisbane. How much is the Longchamp LePliage Large tote in your currency? :)

  • DesZeLL

    Hi Hadrie – I dont remember the exact price it may be Rp 1,650,000 or you can ask the girls at the forum on the longchamp thread here

    We’re also currently having up to 50% at the longchamp stores Jakarta-wide. This season Le Pliage is currently on 20% off. But they sell off pretty quickly.

  • Nardeeyah

    Hey is any of ure state ure love Le pliage still avail? Do pm me ya thanks banget! :)

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