Best of Indonesian Beauty Products!

Even though we use a lot of foreign brands, at Fashionese Daily we also use many products from Indonesian brands. Judging from the many threads in the FD Forum discussing local brands, we know there’s a lot of good and solid products out there. So this year, we’ve decided to hold a poll on Best of Indonesian Beauty Products!


There are 16 categories of products. If you don’t have a favorite product for a category, just write ‘NA’ (for ‘Not Applicable). Don’t leave the category blank, so we know that you did not miss it or forgot to fill it in.

  1. Foundation
  2. Face Powder
  3. Blush
  4. Lipstick (including lip pencils)
  5. Lipgloss
  6. Eyeshadow
  7. Eyeliner
  8. Eyebrow Pencil / Powder
  9. Mascara
  10. Face moisturizer or cream
  11. Face mask
  12. Hair Shampoo
  13. Hair Conditioner or Mask
  14. Body soap or shower gel
  15. Body scrub
  16. Body lotion

Please vote only for products from Indonesian beauty brands. Brands such as Revlon is not Indonesian (even though their product is made in Indonesia).

How to

Participate in the poll by filling in the survey form here and please use the following format (the slash sign (“/”)is important so that we can easily tabulate the poll result):

Brand/Product/Type or shade, if applicable

Brand/Product/Type or shade, if applicable

For example:

Sari Ayu/Lipstick/Merak Kasmaran 02

Natur/Hair mask

Oops, I just gave my favorite products away! :D

Deadline for participation is 1 March 2010.  So if you don’t have a favorite yet, there’s still time to try a few products.  Join our FD Forum to get ideas of what products are hot hot hot!

Win Prizes!

Write down your name (or if you are an FD Forum member, your nickname) and your email address, and you will be eligible to win prizes. The prizes are 3 packages of Best Indonesian beauty products worth Rp. 250.000!

Let’s do it!