Looking For Dressy Bags?

Have you checked our online shop directory? We have listed quite a few online shops there to entertain your shopping thirst. Since I am itching for a new bag, to the bag section I clicked. I have promised myself that the next bag I’m going to get should be dressy to bring to a night event and at the same time, should be big enough to hold my essentials. Here’s what I found.

First is from Tropbellespourtoi. I don’t know how to pronounce it or what it means, but I do know that all of the stuff there is meticulously handpicked by a stylish young woman named Ayu. She is a long time FD member who is known for her effortless style. Which is not a surprise since she used to work in the fashion business when she lived in Paris. The one I liked the most from Tropbellespourtoi is this beautiful YSL catwalk bag.  It fits the criteria I mentioned above, it’s just doesn’t fit the budget :D

Cici Story has been a long time client of ours. I love browsing through the site because not only it has many selections to choose from, but everything comes in nice, clear and tempting pictures. This black bag I like has a hidden faux rabbit hair at the flap. I like the idea of bringing something warm and fluffy to hold on to. The style is also a fresh alternative than the overplayed quilted Chanel inspiration. The shoulder strap is not too long and too short. It also has a dash of rock and roll attitude, seen from the cut-out flap.

A classic bag from Mybagstage. I could do without the heart shape charm as I think it takes away the classic appeal that this bag is offering. I love the blue color of the bag, the shape with the side pockets and the faux material. It’s feminine yet still functional. From what I can see in the picture, it has two rings to hook the long handles for when you need your hands free. Easy on the wallet too as it’s only cost IDR 189,000.

I wonder what’s your last bag purchase? Care to share it here?