Minutes of Meeting from FD First Munas!

Did you know that last week, on Wednesday, January 6, 2010 we had our first musyawarah nasional?. It was held at Kedai, Kemang and attended by all the crews. We discussed, evaluated, analyzed, argued and toyed around with ideas on how to manage this growing community and expanding network. Overall, it was an effective munas as we covered all agendas and made decision on some important things. Being a community driven network, we want to share the behind the scene stuff.

The one word to describe every decisions we made is change. Yes, change is good, right? Change is almost always good. In fact, it’s the creative energy that drives up our future. So we embrace it with open arms and hopefully you will too..:)

New Office

For the past four months, our office is a small area at the back of Closet Quickies boutique. Now we have moved next door and we painted it fuchsia. Yes, fuchsia! Now how many of you can say you have a fuchsia wall in your office? :D. We are not done decorating the new office but we have the workstation ready and that’s all we need to start working there.

New Forum Name

Fashionese Daily forum has been growing rapidly and we’re trying our best to accommodate your needs . We have added Mommies Daily category with different section to discuss about kids development and behavior, parenting, school, fun activities and all the related stuff thoroughly. We have also added regional forum so those who live outside of Jakarta and even Indonesia can easily find more friends and share information about your local tourist destination. This way, we can contribute more to the Visit Indonesia campaign.

In the near future, we will also add one or two more categories outside of fashion and beauty. So, since the members have multi-interest and the discussion is not merely about fashion and beauty, it makes the Fashionese Daily Forum name irrelevant to the content that we are offering in the forum. That’s why, we think it’s best to change the forum name to something that affiliate all the members together. Since 99.99% of the forum members are female. We decided to change the forum name to Female Daily. And you know what we like the most? It’s still FD in short :D. So don’t worry, we will try our best to make the change seamless to all of you. You can still access the forum through the link on this page or go to http://forum.fashionesedaily.com or you can just change your bookmark right away to http://femaledaily.com. This is going to be the forum for all things related to us, the female species. From fashion, beauty, traveling, parenting, gadget, financial matters, wedding and everything in between. And as if you don’t know it already, you can even shop there from our certified sellers.

Speaking of Marketplaza

We have added Kids Mart forum to serve the Mommies who want to get rid of their babies stuff. Either by selling or donating them. Non mommies who have babies/kids products are welcome too.

We also have a new system for the Market Plaza. Yes unfortunately we are raising the fee BUT we we have a more flexible term now as you can open up a store on monthly basis. It’s great if you just want to do some spring cleaning.


We have two new moderators for Mommies Daily. Let’s welcome kirana21 and broken_angel (nenglita) who are also resident bloggers for Mommies Daily blog. We are on the lookout for more moderators. So if you are interested, feel free to buzz us.


For the past year, we have a strict registration procedure where moderators have to manually accept or reject them one by one. It was a lot of work, but we were happy to do it as our goal is to keep the forum neat, tidy and spam free. Now as we are growing, the workload is growing too that we feel it’s just too much work for us. In the past month, the registration quota is more than doubled which resulting in a lot more new registrants waiting to be processed. So we thought it’s better for us to allocate the registration moderating time to do something more important. Like creating new threads, engaging in conversation with the members, blogging and so much more. Not too mention that we have homework to do like breaking down the all about thread as they are getting really long. We want to keep the thread as specific as possible to make it easier for everyone to browse and find information.

If you are not a member yet, it’s time to join us in the forum. Trust us, it’s a lot of fun. Just follow this simple step:

  • Signup to our forum and fill in the fields
  • You will receive a confirmation email and instruction to activate/confirm your registration. This step is the most important part. If you don’t receive the email, please check the bulk folder. It might go there.
  • After you make a confirmation, you’re a fully registered member and you can participate in the discussion.
  • If you haven’t fully registered, you should see a notice that you’re not yet fully registered. There, we give you a simple instruction to complete the registration process.

Report Buttons

Open registration means a flood of new members coming in. Unfortunately, there will be members who don’t read the rules and don’t behave like we all want them to behave. All we ask you to do is to help us in organizing the forum. If you see someone bending the rules or littering the threads with unnecessary comments, please do let us know. Simply click the report buttons to let the moderators know. Don’t worry, no oneĀ  but the moderators will know that you’re the one who hit that report button.

So there, you have almost everything that we have discussed on our meeting. The rest, you will find out in the near future. Trust us, all of the changes is made with you in mind. Hopefully, you will love the experience even more than before..:)

Pheww, it’s only twelve days into 2010 but our fuchsia (I just had to mention the color one more time) office is buzzing with new ideas and endless list of things to do. So far, we are loving 2010. Yesss let’s bring it ON…:))