Taman Sari Royal Heritage Green Coconut Shampoo

I haven’t had much luck with shampoos these days. I’ve tried many brands but couldn’t seem to find any that can solve my hair problems. I’ve only got 2 actually: my hair gets oily in the roots but the ends are dry. I wash my hair every two days. After washing it, my hair looks shiny and voluminous. But by the next morning, it goes limp and lifeless. If I shampoo it more often, i.e.,  every day, the ends get very dry. See my dilemma?

I tried a shampoo from a high-end brand and liked the result. I found that my hair was less dry and stayed clean longer. But in this economy (my own economy crisis I mean, tee hee), I just can’t justify buying a bottle of 200k shampoo every 3 weeks or so. I tried many drugstore brands, but they only seem to be working for about 1 or 2 months. After that, I am left with limp-y and lifeless hair again.

Recently, I came across the Green Coconut Shampoo from Taman Sari Royal Heritage. To be honest, the only reason I bought it was because, sniffing at the bottle, it smelled like coconut! (I have this weird obsession with coconut-scented bath and body products). So I brought it home, tried it the next morning and was pleasantly surprised that this shampoo actually worked quite well. My hair feels thicker, softer and it doesn’t get oily the next day. I also noticed some luster and shine that wasn’t there before. I’ve been using it for almost a month now and so far haven’t had any complain. I am keen to see if longer use will yield the same result or, like other shampoos, it just stops working. I’ll definitely report back!

By the way, the texture of this shampoo is quite thick, almost like gel, so it takes some effort to really spread it evenly on my scalp. But the smell alone is enough for me to look forward to my keramas time. It’s like washing your hair with coconut water! I also like the tube packaging with flip top cap which helps to prevent some ‘bathroom accidents’. You know, when the shampoo cap bottle slips from your wet, soapy hand and plummets into the toilet bowl. What? What do you mean it never happened to you?

Taman Sari Royal Heritage Coconut Shampoo retails for Rp. 30.000 and is available in Carrefour Hypermarts, Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa and Graha Mustika Ratu (you’ll get 10% discount if you purchase it there)