Kiehl’s Skincare for the Normal to Dry Skin

I sometimes have difficulties when I want to try on new skin care range. I always have millions of question regarding which product to choose from. To make it simpler, most of the times I try to get the whole package from one brand. Just so that I don’t stressed my poor little brain too much.

One of the biggest question is whether I should buy everything from the same range or not? Sure they will always have the line for different types of skin but I also have specific concern regarding my skin. Also most of the times you have other requirement and need related to your skin care. So it is wise before you’re shopping for skin care you know what is the type of your skin, what concern related to your skin that you want to target and what other additional benefit that you want to look from your skin care.

Therefore, even though you’re getting your skin care from a single brand, but you can still mix them from different lines. I’m new to Kiehl’s and I was trying different type of their product, but from my adventure here are the products that I choose for my dry to very dry skin.

Cleanser: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser

714_lThis gentle formula cleanser suits all skin types, but unlike most cleanser it doesn’t feels drying because it doesn’t strip your face of its natural oil. This cleanser also contains avocado oil which known as the source of rich emollient and can help to restore the natural moisture of the skin. The apricot kernel oil in this cleanser will also help to further moisturize the skin and help maintain clarity and suppleness in the process of cleansing.

Although the formula is gentle but it’s not one  of those cleanser that because it’s too mild it doesn’t become too soapy and you feels that your face clean after washing it with the cleanser. Fret not, this cleanser able to removes dirt and debris that accumulate during your busy activity during the day and will also remove excess oil that the skin doesn’t need.

Mix pea size of cleanser with a little bit of water or applies to damp face and massages your face in circular motion thoroughly to cleanse. Wash off with water afterward.

Toner: Cucumber Herbal Alcohol-Free Toner

263_lI’m never a big fan of alcohol-free toner, because it doesn’t feel like it exfoliates as much as I want it to be. It’s sometimes too mild that I don’t even feel that it does anything at all. But this toner, I fell instantly in love because even though it’s mild but I feel that all the debris and dead cells are lifted from my face. It also freshen my face instantly and I don’t feel tightness at all like how most toner feels.

With Allantoin that can help soothe and reduce inflammation that contains within various product formulations. It also contains Calendula extracted from marigold flower and the oil is able to soothes all types of skin from oily to sensitive skin.

The cucumber ingredient contain within this toner is what makes it feels cool and instantly freshen your skin. I’m sure most of us are familiar of how beneficial cucumber is for the skin, that’s why you see a lot of people cut fresh cucumber and use them as a mask. Other than it’s cooling effect, cucumber also known as moisture-binding ingredient and help to prepare your skin to get ready for the torment of the sun and environmental caused stress.

Day Cream: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15

352_lI like my day cream to be thin, hence will be absorbed easily by the skin. Since I don’t want to wait for too long for my moisturizer to sink into my face before I can move on to the next step of skin care or even make up. Morning routine should be kept as simple or short as possible. It also helps that the day cream also have SPF included in it, just in case I’m too lazy or I wake up late so I don’t have to take that extra step of applying separate sunscreen.

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 does all of the above. This lotion not only easily absorbed by the skin but also leaves no sticky residues and doesn’t feel greasy at all. Although it feels very light on the skin, but my very dry skin stay moist for the whole day with this moisturizer and I experience no dryness at all through out the day. Lotion type moisturizer can deceived you sometime, when you just put it on it feels so heavenly but after weeks of using you start noticing how your skin flake showing the lack of moisture in the face. But with Vitamin A contained in this moisturizer it able to prevent dryness and scaliness, which in the same time keeps your skin firm and supple.

Too bad that this moisturizer only contains SPF 15, but it’s enough if you’re only exposed to the sun when you goes to the office and stay there for the whole day. This moisturizer offers broad-spectrum UV-ray protection with added benefit of Octinoxate know as an excellent UVB ray absorber therefore preventing sun burn and your skin getting darker.

Although this moisturizer is very lightweight, you just need very little of this product for the whole face. Don’t put too much since it will leaves your face very wet.

Also available in tinted version.

Night Cream: Ultra Facial Cream

622_lThis cream is actually suitable to be used during the day and night. Solely for the reason of the lack of SPF factor in this cream I choose not to use this during the day. This cream feels very rich and it gives continuous water replenishment throughout the day (and night in my case).

This cream contains Antarcticine which offers protection against dryness, helps to hydrate skin and provide the benefit of smoother skin appearance. It also targeting on the problem that most of the metropolitan face day to day – it offers to guard the skin from damaging effects of free-radicals.

Although this moisturizer created to help skin in cold weather condition, but I find that it helps with the air conditioning environment that we always sleep in during the night. The Imperata Cylindrica roots which contains high concentration of potassium helps our skin to store and retain moisture even in the driest weather conditions. So no more waking up to a dry skin because of being too much inside air conditioned room.

Also available the original Ultra Facial Moisturizer which is similar in texture to Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 15 but without the added benefit of sun block. Perfect for day and night and if you don’t want moisturizer that is too rich.

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