Vivelle Body Lotion with VCO and Olive Oil

Many of us know the benefits of olive oil for our health and our skin, and many beauty and skincare products in the market tout it as one of its ingredients.  But olives are not native to our tropical country, so virgin olive oil can be pricey. There is an alternative, however, that is gaining in popularity, and that is virgin coconut oil (VCO), taken from the meat of the coconut (Coconus nucifera, found everywhere in Indonesia).

Our elders have taken advantage of the many beauty benefits of coconut, such as the coconut milk for the hair and as skin moisturizer. VCO intensifies these benefits in a more concentrated form, without losing the aromatic properties of the coconut. I’ve been using VCO for my hair and my skin for years, sometimes ingesting it for it’s health benefits (coconut is loaded with vitamin E, and supposedly controls appetite). But VCO is essentially oil, so it’s greasy and not something you want to use when you head out of the house, so I was always on the lookout for products containing coconut oil that is more convenient to use.

So you can imagine how excited I was when I saw the set of Vivelle body lotion with the words ‘virgin coconut oil’ printed large on the tube. They all contain VCO and olive oil, and there are 3 variants to the set–for normal skin, for dry skin, and for very dry skin. Talk about double, no, triple!, whammy! I opened one tube and tried some on my hands right there at the store! :D

What differentiates the three is the amount of VCO they contain (twice and three times the VCO in the dry skin and very dry skin formula, respectively, compared to the normal skin formula).  There is also some variation in scent and ingredient (normal skin has bengkoang or Jicama extract, dry skin has orange extract and very dry skin has white tea extract). The VCO, olive oil and the aromatic extracts are listed high in the ingredients list, so I feel confident that they do contain a significant amount of these oils.

I bought the dry skin and very dry skin formula, and really like them both. They sink quickly into the skin, not at all greasy, and make my skin softer right away (maybe because they contain Cyclomethicone, a type of silicone).  I also like their scent, although they do smell a bit artificial, they’re not overpowering and does not last. I do wish, though, that Vivelle had retained the coconut fragrance for at least one of the variants.

The skin of my body is not dry, so I asked FD-er Silvershore_Lake, who’s got very dry skin, to give the one for very dry skin a try. After a couple of days, she reported no negative reaction to her skin, and proceeded to use the lotion for the whole body.  She said it really moisturized her skin and the fragrance is nice, and that she would purchase again.

The very dry skin formula is also advertised to prevent stretchmarks, and I think this is cool because, face it, there’s not a lot of locally-made product for this, so if it really works, wow! If anyone does try it for stretchmarks, please let other moms-to-be know the results in the FD Mommies Chatter forum on preventing stretchmarks.

I bought these Vivelle body lotions in a supermarket near my house; they vary in price: about Rp9,000 for the normal skin formula (the cheapest) to about Rp14,000 for the very dry skin formula.

Has anyone else tried these? Please share!