Just a little note at the end of year..

The year of 2009 will end soon. After the long year-end holidays, we will face again “reality”.. life, work, datelines, goals, resolutions, dramas, personal issues, unexpected events, tragic loss, all will be filling our daily pages. I’m grateful for what I have. Yet, there are still those who are in the other side of the world who are struggling just to survive.

I’m trying to revisit my 2009, it’s been a long bumpy road since early this year *still has been at this very moment, especially here in the US*: Small and Big corporate companies laying off their workers, financial institution meltdown, home foreclosures, fashion companies and media filing chapter 11 (bankcrupcy), stores and boutiques offering endless discount all year around.

People here are known as big spenders, swiping their credit cards for every expenses, taking countless amount of credit loans, mortgages, without realizing that they wouldn’t be able to repay them back. It is an eye opener for everyone, including myself. In terms of shopping, I think I’ve been a good girl this year. I rarely shop for fashion anymore. I’d rather save my shopping budget for future trips to faraway land, a future nest, donation or maybe eating out in local eateries to discover countless exotic cuisines which are available around my neighborhood.

I know we don’t live in a perfect world, but I hope in the new year ahead, there would be no more life-threatening disease *we don’t need another form of flu scarce!*, no more terrorist attack please anywhere in this world *give us a break will ya Mr./Mrs. Terrorist*, a peace resolution in every troubled lands, less ignorance towards nature and animals, and all the good things everyone in this world would need and greatly deserve.

In personal level, the first month of 2010 will mark the 1st year anniversary of my weekend jogging. It’s been nearly a year that I’ve been consistently running every weekend. It was hard in the beginning, but now it simply becomes a weekly routine, whether it rains, snows, or shines! I hate paying for a gym membership *a total rip-off to my piggy bank*, I love hot-steamy yoga but I hate spending $25 each class! So, the only thing left for me to exercise is only running, it’s free and give me a faster result. Although I become easily tempted to shop for jogging gears nowadays (hunting for gloves and thermal leggings for running in the winter), but thankfully most of them are not affordable, so my choices are limited hehe ;D

Other than that, I rarely make any new year resolution but my hopes for the new year; I will make an extra effort to start a healthier lifestyle, more exercising which hopefully would lead to a healthy eating habit *this one is hard for sure*, learn to cook and never skip my breakfast, travel more and maybe revisit all the places I’ve lived in the past, save more again just to travel hehe =D, enrich my mind and spiritual soul, staying away and block all negativity and always think positive, and oh, I would love to have fresh flowers on my desk every day or maybe, have a plant that I can water!
In terms of fashion resolution.. hmm I don’t have that many, but I’d love to start learning to wear heels again, especially those towering heels! I will try to remind myself to only shop for timeless quality pieces and would love to see a less clutter closet by getting rid of unworn items, also wear more colors besides black pleaseee! We’ll see whether I would be able to keep up with those “plans” above. How about you? Do you have any fashion or “(un)fashion” resolution which you’d like to share?

Image courtesy of: lbdevents.com