Spare Flats in My Bag


I’m never a fan of flats, because they make feel clumsy. But sometimes, there are times in your life when you need one. I’m sure many of FDers are familiar with the Cotton On flats.  Recently, I acquired 3 pairs of Cotton On suede flats and completely fell in love  with them. Although they are probably not the sturdiest flats out there, but I love how I can conveniently throw them in my bag just for a spare.

I’m almost always on heels whenever I go out of the house. Sadly, the pavement on Jakarta curb side is not friendly high heel-wearing pedestrians. Not too mention that during rainy season most of Jakarta streets are puddled with water, and it always breaks my heart when my heels accidentally step into one of those ponds. So, nowadays, I always throw a pair of flats on my bag.

These Cotton On flats are so light and flexible, you can fold them and chunk them into a nice pouch so no one will suspect that you’re carrying a shoes. For the suede one, you can clean it using soft bristle brush and bubbly soap.  Use wet cloth for the part made of  synthetic leather to wipe off the dirt.

To get the latest style of Cotton On Flats, visit Miss Chinoscuro’s or Nik’s Lapak at FD Market Plaza. Several factory outlets in Jakarta have also been spotted selling these flats in basic colors. Try ‘Heritage’ located at Pejaten Village.