138. Inside Anggraini’s Bag

Inside _Anggrainis Bag

Anggraini or mskivaa in Fashionese Daily Forum is a blogger residing in Singapore.

Please visit her blog at http://goodlorax.blogspot.com to see what pictures has she taken with her Nikon camera.

The Bag: Unbranded. S$5 found at Zouk flea market. LOVE it!

The content (from left to right):

  • E-book reader (Smart Q7, LOVE it!)
  • Mints (must haves)
  • DBS key pin
  • My lunch bag (unknown brand, bought at a cart sale) ;) with all the junks inside
  • Umbrella
  • House key
  • Samsung B7320 phone
  • My old compact Nikon (important for blogging!) and bag (bag is free, complimentary from supplier)
  • Ext HD and purse
  • Nokia Sennheiser earphone
  • Lip tint & gloss
  • Eye drops
  • Passport (in brown case)

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