Vintage-style Bags from Guess


The word Guess and vintage in one sentence? That doesn’t sound right. Guess has been long associated with anything modern and glamor, not vintage and antique. But this season, Guess surprises us by infusing some vintage elements in their collection. The result; a collection that kinda vintage-y but still fresh that can still be easily incorporated into our daily outfits.

That slouchy teal hobo on the top left is inspired by the vintage Parisian couture and has a soft bohemian vibe. The extra large size will fit anything we need from day to night. The white one will make a rocker chic happy. I especially adore the crowned antique heat.

Most of the bags in the new collection are luxuriously made out of leather or pvc in crocodile, alligator, ostrich and even anaconda exotic skin.
Look at that bow bag. It embodies old Hollywood glamor that I love dearly.

Okay that was about the bag.

Now let’s move on the shoes!!. The shoes are actually the one that made my heart beat faster, and these three are just small examples of  what they have in the counter. I want need these three. I  love the contrast of the hot pink with snake skin, just the kind of shoes that will ‘wow’ the whole outfit.  The peep toe lace and bow is also a must, they will go to so many weddings during the weekend. I am not usually one who will be attracted to studs but these ones I LIKE. They are more the feminine side than they are on the rocker side. Hmm, I wonder if they still have these available?