JFW 09/10 – Favorite Looks from Dewi Fashion Knight

Completed pictures of Dewi Fashion Knights will be uploaded to our gallery. I’m just going to share some of my favorite looks in this post.


Skin by Sally Koeswanto offers you colors that’s like your second skin. The chic loose top look so comfortable and the wide belt gives curve if you need it. Deden Siswanto showcased collection  that was nothing ordinary. All of them was created in rich mixture of fabrics in dramatic colors like black, burnish gold and cooper, just like the long coat in the second picture. Same thing with Denny Wirawan who draws inspiration from the aristocracy equestrian. Everything is extravagant, in voluminous shape but minus the unnecessary detail. My favorite pants from the whole JFW is gotta be the one from Oscar Lawalata. Knee down, they look like legging but knee up, there is a wrap that gathers on the side. A safer alternative than jodphur or harem pants.


Oka Diputra’s collection is inspired by the underwater creatures that he encountered while scuba diving in Bali and Thailand. I was mesmerized by the wonders of colors and shape and felt like I was underwater watching the creatures swimming around. The one I posted on the left, color-wise doesn’t look like anything  from underwater, but the skirts resemble some kind of a..squid?. Anyway, I love it from head to toe. Well, maybe not from the head because I would leave the headpiece home :). Ali Charisma is experimenting with digital prints in lovely volumes and silhouettes. Just like Oka Diputra, he takes inspiration from creatures of the deep sea. But his is more on the dark and majestic side of the underworld creatures. The smokey eyes completed the look perfectly.

Lenny Agustin got to be the one who delivers the most adorable collection. It was an interesting scene watching the models walking down the runway with colorful clothes and colorful plastic wig. I think everyone needs to have at least one of her designs to wear on the gloomy days (which we have plenty of lately). Barli’s collection rocks the stage with an appearance of Rock n Roll mafia band. He stays true to his modern, edgy and architectural-infused design. He stunned everyone with his striking black and white pieces with intricate hand detail like origami and woven. Very rock and roll yet still feminine and sophisticated.