FD Sniff Party – The ’80s

5b4bvdDynasty hair. Leg warmers. Acid wash jeans. Seriously baaad makeup. Those are just some of the things that the ’80s leaves behind. For many of us who had started to wear perfumes (even if it was your mom’s), there was also a not-so-faint memory of 80s’ big and strong fragrances (think Obsession and Poison). Love it or hate it, some of the fragrances launched in the ’80s were so popular they became icons. I can never forget how a bottle of Drakkar Noir smells like, especially because my dad still has some in his bathroom cabinet :D

Anyway, at the next FD Sniff Party, we’re going to talk about all of them – the good, the bad and the ugly of ’80s fragrances.

DATE & TIME: Saturday, December, 12. 2009 @ 11.00 am

PLACE: M Lounge. M Pacific Place, Unit #G-99, 1-99, 2-99, SCBD Lot 3&5. www.m-pacificplace.com

THEME: “The ’80s” (Start breaking into your mom’s perfume cabinet and bring a bottle of perfume from the era!)

DRESS CODE: Wear ’80 fragrances only please!

ATTENDEE: max 15 people

For RSVP, please go this page.

80s collage