JFW 09/10 – Day 3: More APPMI Designers

Jakarta Fashion Week has come to an end. We have so many stories and pictures to tell you but first of all, let me take you back to day 3 where APPMI designers ruled the fashion tent.


The first picture is from Taruna Kusmayadi collection. Nuna, as he likes to be called, collection has many asymmetrical paneling detail that lends a structured look, with brown and red colors as the dominant colors. Perhaps, that’s where he interprets the ‘intersect’ title. A little feminine appeal is shown by the ruched details on the rest of the collection.

The second picture is one of my favorite looks from Dwi Iskandar. Not only I love the army green color, but also the ethnic-y belt that matches the earrings combine with the big beads at neckline that ties the neck. For me, those are the little detail that it look put together. Dwi plays with crochet too, not your granny kind of crochet but the hippy happy kind that would be easily incorporated to daily outfits.

When most of the designers want to give a glamor touch to their collection, Dina Midiani is on the other side of the spectrum. Her collection is inspired by the pilgrims, who always wear comfortable clothes, especially dress on their journey. Batik, tenun and patchwork urbanized the simple dress, short and loose-fitting top. Forget heels because when you want to explore every little corner in town, flats are the way to go. Even the designer showed up in flip flops when she did her runway walk.

The last picture is from Jazz Pasay, who get his inspiration from the twenties era. And don’t you think it’s just so fitting that jazz music was all the rage in the 1920s.. :). He particularly draws his ideas from the way people dressed up when they went to a private party in the luxurious train. So obviously, the word glamor is in order. There are lots of pretty tube tops and tube dresses in black, white, silver and a splash of fuchsia.

Now on to the most breathtaking piece of all, Anne Avantie Kebaya. I think this is the case where (my) words just can’t do enough justice to describe the beauty of what her magical creations.