Tops for Any Occassions

So far, my biggest challenge as part of Fashionese Daily team is to find the day-to-day outfit. All of my previous offices required me to dress as conservative (read: boring) as possible, so my work outfits are limited to dark colors.

At first, it was somehow easier for me as I wasn’t too interested in trendy style. But as the time goes by, and the more time I  spent on Fashionese Daily blog and forum, the more Fashionese Daily members I know and meet on regular basis (who I find very stylish) makes me changed a bit . Now I am almost sick of the array of dark suits in my closet.


But since it’s almost impossible to exchange the entire content of your wardrobe with new collection, (budget wise.. tee hee) I have to be really smart to pick the new items to buy, and think ahead in how to combine it with my old stuff.

When I saw this blouse, I instantly fell in love with it. I can combine it with my old blazer and pair it with jeans to work, or wear it with a pair of comfy short pants for a lazy weekend.

This cute ruffles top for Saiakamiu is worth Rp. 135,000 and you will get 20% discount if you buy it on FD Shopping Trip: Shop Mob Goes to Bandung during our visit there. By the way, the 20% discount is also applied to other Katallog cute and affordable items.

Oh and we will also visit Happy Go Lucky and House of Leather. So don’t forget to register yourself for that trip! :)