The Sought-after NARS Plaisir


My latest acquisition of NARS Blush is the Plaisir.  It popped on Nars website for a week and then vanished all of a sudden.  The next time they had it in stock, I bought it without thinking twice.

NARS Plaisir is one of those blushes that looks so dull in the pan, but surprisingly  beautiful on the cheeks. The color is described as sunkissed peach, of which suitable for both warm and cool skin tones. Most of the people who already have this blush agree with me of how beautiful the color is upon application.

It will just fit with any eye makeup, whether it’s cool or warm shades. The texture is one of those fine NARS velvety matte, and it’s very pigmented. You can pair it up with either cool and warm-toned highlighter. On its own, this blush is already such a beauty. If you’re an avid NARS Blush collector, you better get it ASAP, since it’s always sold out on NARS website!