Rihanna, The Fashion Chameleon

Just like her hair. Her fashion style has also gone through a series of changes. She is no longer sporting a girl- next-door look like when she first came out. Her style is now more fashion forward. She really push her style. Always surprises us with her outfit. Everyone always eager to see what she’s going to wear next.

This is Rihanna circa 2006-2007


Look at her now


Mariel Henn, her stylist of three years, is a big part of her style evolution. He has successfully taken Rihanna style from princess pop to punk/rock chic. Some people think her current style is too daring for me, too cutting edge that it makes her look kind of robotic. Some would consider her a fashion icon. I guess whether her style is your cup of tea or not, she always catches everyone’s attention.Rihanna is still so young and I admire her for being experimental with her style, which is a good thing really, especially when you’re in the entertainment business. I think so far, she has tried everything. She even wore the sparkly star nipple coverings underneath a blazer. We can only guess what other surprises she have for us underneath her sleeve.


When she is attending important events, she likes to wear off-the-catwalk signature designer pieces. Jacket from Rick Owens and Balmain, Maison Martin Margiela Boots, Alexander Wang ripped leggings. My favorite in between her past and current style is gotta be her daily outfits. In my opinion, she looks so much at ease when she is not trying too hard.  She keeps the outfit simple, but accessories and her attitude still make her outfit look special.


What I notice from her look lately is, she doesn’t really wear bright colors. It’s always black, black and more black. She obviously likes legging. She is a big fan of unique-looking sunglasses that look like they come from the 80s.


She also likes small bag, almost like a clutch, that can be slung across the body.


Since I’ve been looking at her pictures for the past hour, checking both her on and off stage outfit, it makes me really want to see her perform. I’m sure she is one hell of a performer.

Well, she has no plan on coming to Jakarta anytime soon, however I am pleased to inform you that Rihanna will be holding a free live online concert in just a few days! Yep, On 16th of November at 8 PM GMT, Rihanna will be performing tracks from her new album, Rated R, live to a global online audience from a secret London location.

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