Household Items That Help Me With Makeup

We need to be creative with makeup: Combining eyeshadow colors, choosing the right lipstick for the right look and all, but apparently it doesn’t stop there.

These are household items that I use to help me with the makeup process.

1. Lights: You can us your own fingers to warm concealer so it is easier to blend, but these lights above my vanity offer more heat. I just need to tiptoe a little bit, place my concealer under the light for about 10 seconds, and they become creamier and easier to use.

Lights (Medium)Spoon (Medium)

2. Spoon: Applying mascara on the lower lash line can be tricky. To avoid messing up my already concealed, powdered, and lined lower eye area, I use spoon as the lash base. The dome shape places the lashes away from the skin to avoid mascara mishaps.

3. Measurement tape: I don’t have symmetrical eyebrows. One is higher than the other, so I use a flexible tape like this to make sure that the eyebrow peaks are of the same height. The numbers on it also help in determining precision eyebrow length—if you’re really that meticulous.

MeasTape (Medium)

4. Microwave oven: There’s a new–and safer–way to depot your Urban Decay Primer Potion by using a microwave oven.  I only have a pair of big kitchen knives and I’m not interested to put their lives in jeopardy (I’m gonna break them, I know), so microwave oven is my choice. It only takes 90 second to heat and several minutes to tap the product out of the tube. It doesn’t really depot the product to the last drop, but I still get a small jar full of extra UDPP.

Microwave (Medium) (Small)Poacher (Medium) (Small)

5. Egg poacher: I bought this for my hubby who likes poached eggs. Well, it ended up on my vanity as a mixing palette where I can mix moisturizer with foundation (hello, thick Illamasqua Rich Liquid foundation), or different lip colors to create a new color (obsessing over Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar?). And the poached eggs never materialize :D

So, what about you, Ladies? Do you use anything around the house to help you with makeup at all? Do share!