Marc Jacobs Kasia Look-A-Like

mjkasiaThere is fake bag or KW bag, then there is the’ inspired’ bag. Is it a crime to wear the inspired one? I happen to think that it’s okay, for the reason that it’s just hard to find bags that don’t resemble a design from popular brands. Even the high-end brands copy each other. Almost all high-end fashion brands release quilted bags with chain strap that are very Chanel-ly.

Almost every single bag of the high street brands is the cheaper version of the premium designer ones. So you see, we don’t have many options.

The one on the left is Marc Jacob Kasia bag. Pretty, isn’t it? I have never seen something so well crafted like that. The wave-like leather cut is neatly arranged and it gives a different meaning to an otherwise simple bag.

And guess what I found in my store? :D Obviously, it’s not Marc Jacobs and it’s not even made out of real leather but it’s pretty nice. Since it doesn’t have Marc Jacobs tag so it’s not a replica, right? If the look is the only thing we’re going for, then the cheaper version is all we need. It won’t give us the feel and the quality, but whatever this bag lacks, it will make up for the IDR 17,500,000 differences. Click here for more pictures.