Introducing Fame N Frame!

We are so excited to make this announcement, we can hardly sit still!

Boys and girls…we bring to you, the latest addition to the Fashionese Daily family, Fame N Frame!

Fame 'n Frame_screenshot2

Fame N Frame is a celeb style blog where we feature celebrities looks that we love or..the ones we’re not too crazy about :) Not only we give you exclusive photos of Indonesian and Hollywood celebrities from many different settings, we also invite you to participate in the blog by telling us what you like/dislike about the looks. But please bear in mind that we’re not trying to bring a certain notorious blog from the dead, so you won’t find any bitchy comments from us nor do we accept any from our readers. This isn’t a celeb gossip blog either so if you feel like dissecting the latest scandals of celebs we feature, sorry girls, this isn’t the right place to do it! :)

So please take the time to browse around some entries already uploaded on the blog and leave comments if you’d like. We think this will be another daily guilty pleasure we’ll all secretly enjoy!

Let us know what you think of our newest baby and oh, don’t forget to follow us too on Twitter!

Happy reading everyone! :)