From panacea81 to By Lauren Luke


I have known her as panacea81, one of the most viewed YouTube’s DIY makeup gurus. Sure they are all knowledgeable and skilled, but it’s actually her humbleness, her child-like look, and her cute but charming accent that make me love her even more.

So one night in bed, after driving for 6 hours from DC to NY, my dear husband eagerly asked me to read an article in the New York Times.  “Gawd, I need some sleep!” (although I didn’t do the driving :P), but he was persistent, so I gave in. Sure enough, the article wowed me big time I jumped on my bed! Lauren Luke a.k.a. panacea81 has her own makeup line called By Lauren Luke?? And Sephora is selling it?? I was speechless in amazement! It’s still giving me that heebie jeebies writing this article! I mean, can you imagine having your own makeup line? Sold by the biggest makeup retail chain no less? *ngimpi*

A 27-year-old single mother from England, Lauren Luke looks like a regular, everyday woman you would encounter doing some grocery shopping in a hoodie and a pair of sweatpants. That’s just my impression by watching her on YouTube.  Of course, and I never imagined that this person would shake up the beauty world. Her formal education had to end when she was in high school so she could support her son who was born when Ms. Luke was 16.

The New York Times wrote that the former taxi dispatcher, Ms. Luke began selling cosmetics for a modest profit on eBay. Instead of posting pictures of the product she was selling, she used them on herself so potential buyers could see what they really looked like out of the pot.

Soon she started to post videos on YouTube that she taped from her bedroom. In almost 2 years now, her videos have gotten more than 55 million views, and her channel has 280,000 subscribers from 70 countries. Her existence had been affirmed. Sephora took her hand, and once again, real people are celebrities too.


By Lauren Luke consists of 5 gorgeous palettes. All you need are already there: Light and dark eyeshadow primers, 3 eyeshadows , Blush, Cream eyeliner, and 2 Lip colors.

I have My Vintage Glams palette and adore it! The colors are pigmented and easy to blend, and they really go together. I definitely love the combination of purple and silver eyeshadows, and the rose blush.

I want to congratulate her again for what she is and what she’s done – sharing the magical thing called makeup.

This is her letter in her website.

Since I was a little girl I always wanted to dress up and wear pretty things. I wanted to make people happy, smile and laugh.

But, things were tough in school and I didn’t exactly fit in. I started to experiment with makeup to make myself feel better. I was drawn to makeup because I was in love with colour and all things vibrant. While it didn’t do much for helping me to fit in, it did start my love affair with this magical thing called makeup.

I learned how to recreate the looks I was seeing on celebrities and just on girls on the street. I heard about a video sharing website called YouTube and realized it would be really easy for me to start showing people what I was learning.

What happened next was something I never ever imagined. I uploaded my first video Sunday 22nd of July 2007 and the minute it went live I sat scared, trembling in my chair, wondering “will people see it” and “what will they say”? Well all I can say is on that day I must have been the luckiest girl alive because I was soon flooded with huge amounts of views and comments, and best of all, I felt like I was making a connection with other girls out there like me, regular girls.

After finishing a makeup tutorial video, I have the best feeling ever. My most memorable parts throughout the past two years have been hearing from the people who I have spoken to and inspired.

I always dreamed of having my own makeup line where I could develop products that made people feel special – that I myself would be over the moon to wear. The excitement that comes from makeup is something very personal. We all have our own reasons for being so excited by it, mine is definitely because of the colour and the fact it can bring out the best in everyone. We are all doing the same thing with makeup but with our own personal edge.

I went into this with something very specific in mind – a great product that works, at an affordable price that will help you embrace color and experiment more.

My hope is that you will be waiting at the letterbox for your package about to chew the postman’s hand off with excitement just like I always am.


Price: $37 at (with a separate tube of gloss) or $32.5 at (without gloss)