Ponds White Beauty Shake and Clean

Ponds-Shake-and-CleanOne of my new hobbies since I started writing for FD is trying new drugstore products. It’s a wonder how affordable product can be so good, and that you don’t have to cry every time you pay in the cash register. My newest encounter is the Ponds White Beauty Shake and Clean. I came across this product when I was out of my cleansing oil and I was in Carrefour to do monthly grocery. I thought that spending Rp 11,000 for 100ml worth of product it’s not bad at all, so I took my chances.

The product consists of toner and cleanser in one bottle. You can see in the clear bottle that there is oily pinkish liquid at the top of the clear liquid. Prior to usage, you’d want shake the bottle until the two liquid mix well. With this mixture, the product aims to cleanse your face thoroughly.  It also contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid), promising a brighter face as a result. However, this product contains high level of alcohol and it may help with the cleansing yet revitalizing your face in an instant. For those who experience hypersensitivity from alcohol-based products, you may want to skip on this one. As for me, my very-dry skin did not find the product drying, despite the high level of alcohol. In fact, my face feels moist afterward.

It does one hell of cleansing job! I use just enough to wet one cotton pad and it was able to remove even the thickest make up easily. I do, however, still wash my face with facial foam and use toner afterward, because I don’t feel comfortable using product that contains oil right before my skincare.

Since this cleanser contains alcohol, please avoid eyes and lips areas. It does bug me that I have to use different product for the eyes and lips, but I’m already head over heels with this cleanser now!