Wet Weather Essentials

Even though we don’t have winter here, but we do have rainy season to embrace with a different sets of wardrobe and gear. Yes, who says living in the tropic means we can only stick to one weather style?

Jelly/Plasticy Shoes

Everyone is crazy about Melissa shoes. I didn’t have the slightest interest in them until the rain started to come. Just realized that instead of wearing boots to brace the rain puddle, I can actually wear these plastic shoes.


Tote Bag

Leather bags are not rain-friendly so we’d better store them in the back of the closet (don’t forget to stash tissue paper in it). Nylon material and patent leather are the only ways to go for they are easy to wipe and clean. Zipper closure is a must, so the rain doesn’t trickle inside our bag. The totes need to be roomy too because we have to squeeze in some room for umbrella.


Cute Pocket Umbrella

While we’re in the subject of umbrella, I need to make a note to get a new one. Most of the umbrellas at home are giveaways from various brands that I feel like a walking billboard when I use them :(. Need something with a more sophisticated design so we can still look presentable even in the rain :D


Light Coat/Trench Coat
We might already have many blazers/jackets, but do we have one that is water-resistant? Trench style is preferred, long or cropped. Cardigan is also an essential piece because although it’s raining and a bit breezy outside, the air conditioner inside the office is usually set from the central so it’s gonna be even colder inside. I like this one from comeinlove shop, it’s adorned with sequins that will transition well from day to night activities.


I like scarf, and I have a handful of them but I rarely wear them since I feel that it’s just too hot to have so many pieces of clothing over my body. This rainy season is the perfect time to start incorporating scarf into my outfit.

Waterproof Mascara
I’m sure we all have one (or maybe three!) in our makeup closet. My next on the list would be Maybelline Illegal Lengths Mascara for its improved waterproof formula and its ability (or so it says) to makeĀ  lashes look 30% longer

Now let’s compare notes. What are your wet weather essentials? Maybe there’s something I need to buy from your list (Minta diracunin..:p)