Diary Kiranti: Another Woman’s Best Friend

f-btn-2I am an old blogger. I’ve been writing it since 2002, and even though I only write on my personal blog once in a blue moon these couple years, I refuse to be called retired blogger :p

Even though I try to deny it, I am so aware that my most productive times for blogging are when I am on a bad mood, or PMS.

So I was so excited when we received the invitation for Kiranti Fun Talkshow about Online Diary. Despite the messy traffic and the heavy rain that day, I made it to Es Teler 77, Jl. Adityawarman to attend the event.

That night Kiranti introduced Diary Kiranti, that will be the new woman’s best friend. Diary Kiranti offers more than just a regular blog service. On Teen section we can find Dressing Room and What’s Happening features while on Female section there are My Diary, Ask Miss Kira, Haid Calendar, Zodiac, Styling Room & What’s Hip. So when you don’t really feel like blogging, you can have fun by wandering around the features and you will get your mood back. (It surely does for me…)

So don’t forget to get your free account now by checking their page.
Now I am thinking what to write on my blog :)

Pic courtesy: www.diarykiranti.com