The Winner of Clinique and FD Contest: We Value Your Friendship!

barlow_logoYay… we are pleased to announce the winners of Clinique and FD Contest: We Value Your Friendship!

Clinique team and FD had difficulties in deciding the winners as the submissions are all very interesting. So we decided to add another 5 winners to join the event.


The lucky winners are (only forum name will be displayed, and will be contacted by email privately):

  1. Vanness77
  2. Shoptilludrop!
  3. niamara
  4. Kei
  5. mizz rainy
  6. dina_nita
  7. broken_angel
  8. mommy^sasha
  9. the_Duchess
  10. Ciphie
  11. febby
  12. Desy Chan
  13. reichizen
  14. Princess71
  15. asthreeyorke
  16. samnlie
  17. Cutie89
  18. purplerebel
  19. skydive29
  20. shizuoka
  21. Frey
  22. AnThY
  23. dewdew
  24. gerberairis
  25. honeydew

All winners are invited to Clinique and FD Friendship Day event on Sunday, 11th October, 2009 at 11 AM in the Atrium of Mal Pondok Indah II Jakarta and will get Clinique package worth of Rp. 400.000,-

Once again congratulations and we’ll see you at the event :)