Diaper Bag as an Everyday Bag

I’m a fan of big bags, and at present I am absolutely in love with colorful diaper bags, and I don’t even have a baby! I would say that diaper bag is one of the most multifunctional carry-ons out there. I’m not talking about the plain jane, solid-colored, square-shaped. I’m talking about baby bags in bold prints, fun shapes and vivid colors. We all need pockets in our bags (show your hands if you have more than one mobile phones!). Not to mention your keys, your touch-up arsenal and every other itsy bitsy knick-knacks you are carrying inside your so-called lifeline (read: everyday bag). Often having my DSLR with me, I’ve found uses for the changing pad that comes with the bag. There is nothing that I do not love about baby bags.

And no, toting diaper bag does not require pushing a baby stroller :)

diaper bag

picture credit from the KateSpade.com, Coach.com and Janesvillebags.com