Tupperware at the Red Dot Design Museum

A few days before Idul Fitri, Fashionese Daily, along with about 20 other Indonesian media (Kompas, detik.com, Femina, Bussineseweek to name a few) were invited to Singapore by Tupperware Indonesia to witness an unveiling of its award-winning products in “Tupperware Tupperware 131Brands Presents An Iconic Collection” in Singapore’s Red Dot Design Museum. Scheduled to run from 17 September 2009 for a year, the showcase is a celebration of Tupperware Brands being awarded one of the highest distinctions in the realm of design: the 2009 Red Dot Design Team Of The Year.

The red dot annually pays tribute to a design team that has continuously distinguished itself through groundbreaking design and industry-leading standards. Previous winners of the design team of the year title include teams from Bose, BMW, LG Electronics, adidas, Pininfarina, Nokia Apple, Siemens and frogdesign.

In addition, Tupperware Brands also received three red dot product design awards for the Allegra Serving Bowls and Plates,UltraPro™ Cookware, and Time Savers Speedy Chef Beater.

Opened in November 2005, red dot design museum in Singapore is located in the red dot Traffic, an impressive colonial style building which used to be the headquarters of the traffic police. Today, the building painted in bright red is the creative center of Singapore and the red dot museum is its main attraction. Apart from the red dot design museum the red dot Traffic houses creative companies such as advertising agencies and design studios.

Tupperware 047Journalists from Indonesia, Singapore and Malaysia gathered that day at the stylish museum and I was so intrigued by the many award-winning products that are housed in the building. My favorite was a chandelier from LYX Furniture which is made from acrylic rods and looks like a sculpture! But of course all of us were excited to see the real star of the afternoon: exhibition of Tupperware award-winning products.

The event opened with a speech from Group President of Tupperware Brands Corporation, Mr. Christian Skroeder. He said “Winning the red dot awards is an indication that we are keeping up with our commitment in delivering functional, yet stylish product to our everyday consumer. It is a notable accomplishment, and certainly a great honour,” Following that, Mr. David Wong, Southeast Asia Markets Area Vice-President and Managing Director said in his speech “Moving with the times, new designs for Tupperware Brands take into consideration factors in line with modern requirements such as aesthetic design, space, and even portability.”

From the beginning, we were informed that there was going to be a fashion show and I did wonder how does fashion fit in to a Tupperware event? Well I got the answer. The collection was put together by Singaporean fashion designer/choreographer/stylist/hair&makeup artist, Kovit L. Ang and he used Tupperware products to create eye-popping, out-of-this-world fashion pieces with them such as statement necklaces, headpiece, even cocktail dresses! They weren’t stuff you would normally everyday but it was definitely interesting to see the colorful arrays of Tupperware products used this way.

Tupperware collage

As if that wasn’t enough, out came a percussion group called Wicked Aura Batucada who rocked the museum with their dynamic and energetic African-style music and choreography and yep..you guessed it, they also created music with Tupperware products! They even asked the audience to grab the products located underneath our seats and followed their instructions so we could also make music together! It was so fun because we got to let out the kids in us where we can bang on things and no one will complain :P

The event then proceeded with the unveiling of Tupperware award-winning product exhibition. I will tell you more about it because this warrants a separate post. All I can say is, I didn’t realize Tupperware has such wide range of products which are not just functional but so stylish that I feel sorry I haven’t collected them till now!

Congratulations to Tupperware for the awards!

Tupperware 112

More photos from this event will be uploaded to our gallery soon!

Special thanks to Tupperware Indonesia