Kiehl’s Yerba Maté Tea

When we think of green tea, we automatically think antioxidants, that’s because we all know that green tea is a powerfulyerbamate collage antioxidant source. But did you know that there’s actually another kind of tea which has more health benefits and a stronger source of antioxidants than green tea? Yes, and it’s called Yerba Maté.

The Yerba Maté is a small tree native to the subtropical Atlantic forests of modern day Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina. The area’s indigenous people, the Guarani, have revered the tree for centuries, deriving from its leaves a tea referred to as “the drink of the gods.” It has traditionally been consumed to enhance health, vitality and longevity, as well as to boost immune defenses.Today, millions of South Americans drink maté as a healthful alternative to coffee and a prime source of daily nutrition.

According to a study, conducted by a group of researchers at the University of the Republica in Montevideo, Uruguay, Yerba Maté extracts were found to be “potent direct quenchers of the free radical 1,1‐diphenyl ‐2‐picrylhydrazyl.” They concluded that Yerba Maté is a “rich source of polyphenols (a group of chemical substances that have have antioxidants characteristics with potential health benefits) and has more antioxidant properties comparable to those of green tea.” The group published their findings in the June 2003 issue of the Journal of Alternative Complimentary Medicine.

Properties of the Yerba Maté herb:
* Contains 24 vitamins & minerals, 15 amino acids, and 11 antioxidants
* Traditionally known for its revitalizing properties
* Provides anti‐oxidant protection (80% more antioxidants than green tea!)
* Sustains energy levels & reduces fatigue
* Induces mental clarity & boosts immune defenses
* Helps prevent cancer & stimulates digestion
* Helps relieve allergies and aids weight control

By tapping the revitalizing properties of this nutrient‐rich ingredient, Kiehl’s has formulated a skincare collection to address skin dullness and help skin maintain a healthy‐looking, youthful vivacity.

Kiehl’s Yerba Maté Tea range consists of cleanser, toner and lotion. All with key ingredients of yerba mate, honey and Kombutchka Tea.

I’ve been using the Yerba Maté Tea Lotion for about a month now and I am loving it! The lotion is very lightweight so it doesn’t feel sticky on my oily skin yet I can feel that my skin is hydrated and supple every time I use it. And because it absorbs so quickly, I also don’t have a problem putting on my makeup afterward. Usually I have to wait for about 5 minutes after applying moisturizer before beginning my primer or foundation, now it only takes me 1-2 minutes. The only drawback to this lotion in my opinion is the absence of SPF in it. So the extra minutes I save are rather pointless because I still have to apply sunblock afterward.

I’ve also been using the Yerba Maté Toner for about the same amount of time. I love that it is gentle and soothes my skin, however I think I’m sensitive to one of the ingredients in this product though I am not sure which one. The ingredient lists Peppermint Leaf Extract and I don’t know if that’s the same with peppermint oil. What I do know is that Peppermint oil is known to be an irritant if you have sensitive skin and can cause redness and/or breakouts. My skin didn’t break out but prolonged use of products with peppermint oil definitely causes redness on me. So now what I do is I use this toner every 2-3 days instead of every day. And I think, combined with the lotion, this works wonder for me because I’m loving my skin condition right now! :)

Kiehl’s Yerba Maté Tea range is available in Kiehl’s store in Sogo Plaza Senayan and the retail prices are : Cleanser (250 ml) Rp. 315.000, Toner (250 ml) Rp. 405.000 and Lotion (75 ml) Rp. 540.000

If you’re interested in trying Yerba Maté Tea, you can purchase it online at