130. Inside Natalie’s Bag


Natalie a.k.a Lady Noel  is our forum member that is residing in Shanghai.

The Bag: Charles and Keith bag. my daily bag, enak banget dipakainya :) so handy and big!

The content:

  • Sisir
  • A pack of wet tissue (a must-have-in-the-bag item when you live in China)
  • The book: Milan Kundera’s The Unbearable Lightness of Being (to kill time when I ride the MRT)
  • Nintendo DS Lite in Dark Blue
  • Besta Electronic dictionary (to use when I don’t know what the meaning of a hanzi on the street or in the classroom)
  • Ipod Nano in green
  • Blackberry Bold
  • Deckese Red Wallet (inside is my room key card, BOC debit card, credit cards, and MRT card)
  • 1 GB Mickey Mouse Flash Disk
  • Chocolate chips from Q’s Coffee (for my low- blood- pressure problem)
  • a pink polkadot pouch.

Inside the pink polkadot pouch:

  • Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation
  • a pack of tissue
  • Menard Pradeal One Touch lipstick in Sugar Pink shade
  • Vaseline lip theraphy
  • Dandelion blush- on from Benefit
  • 2 sachets of sambel cap jempol (minimal :p)
  • White Musk perfume- TBS

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