Interview with Gregory Arlt

Even though we didn’t get to meet Gregory Arlt – MAC Director of Makeup Artistry – in person because his trip to Gregory ArltJakarta was canceled, MAC Indonesia was kind enough to let us do an e-mail interview with him. Want to get to know the person behind some of the most gorgeous makeup looks on fashion week or know more about MAC F/W 09 Trend and how to apply it on our Asian faces? Read on!

First thing first, we would like to say we were so sorry your trip to Indonesia had to be canceled, for we had an interview scheduled with you and we didn’t get to show you how wonderful the people here, in Indonesia!

I too was disappointed that it didn’t work out, but I will try to get back there as soon as possible!! :)

Can you please tell us how did you get started as a makeup artist, and how did you and MAC find each other?

There are so many factors that brought me to where i am today. Having artistic parents, watching my two older sisters and my mother applying makeup, my mother’s glamorous friends in the 70’s, art lessons all my life, being a child of the 80’s and obsessed with Boy George and Nina Hagen, The Scavullo “women” book my father showed me at 11 years old with before and after shots of the hottest models in the 70’s and 80’s, the smell of makeup, taking dance classes all my life and being around makeup, going clubbing in the 80’s and wearing makeup, doing my girl friends makeup….the list goes on! I officially began doing makeup in 1989 when i worked at the Fred Segal boutique in Santa Monica. I worked there for three years where i also pursued a freelance career. I would always go into MAC and buy makeup for my kit. I had many friends who worked there and they were always begging me to work with them. Finally, in 1993, i said yes….and nearly 17 years later, here i am!

Our readers are quite familiar with the Autumn Winter 09 makeup trend, could you please type a sentence that would be your description to each trend?

Lid vicious- black or gray smoky punky eyes with loads of mascara! Who’s that girl- chic, flirty girls with nude eyes and a gorgeous red or fuchsia lip.

New romantics- soft, “no makeup” makeup but with washes of color like pastels or golds.

Sculpture club- a return to the defined, sculpted “power face” of the 80’s but with a modern edge. Think cheekbones!

We were quite pleasantly surprised about the trend, Sculpture club, since sculpting was one of Indonesians’ ‘passion’, could you please give us simple tips to re-create the trend without having to have an advance skill?

It’s easy to go overboard, so less is more. Use a #116 brush with one of the MAC sculpting powders. I love the color “sculpt”. Get a small amount on the brush, hold the brush to the side, and begin by applying it directly under the cheekbone. Highlight the upper cheekbone with a lighter color (i love “emphasize”)

Can you please complete this sentence: “In terms of makeup you should NEVER….

Be afraid to experiment!! Makeup washes off….it’s the ultimate disposable accessory!” What are your favorite tools and makeup items this season? I think every woman needs to invest in two things- a black pencil or shadow, and a red lip. Believe me when i tell you that there are lovely shades of red for everyone!

What look do you think is best for Asian feature and how the simplest way to achieve that?

Every asian face, eye shape, lip shape, skin tone, etc is different. Every personality is different. What i say about one face will not apply to everyone, so what i will say is this- don’t be afraid to take chances with your makeup. Find pictures in magazines that you love, bring them into the MAC counter, and have a talented artist teach you how to achieve the look. It’s fun!

Do you have some kind of rituals that you have to do before or after a job or a shoot?

I always make sure that my kit is clean and well organized. Often times I’ll bring my mp3 player with speakers to a job and ask the client what they like to listen to. Music can really set the mood!

Thank you very much!

And thank you as well!!