CHANEL Coco Cocoon: the chic, the fluffy and Lily Allen


I love Lily Allen. She looks a lot like Gabrielle Chanel and she is a self-made woman. She is cool, young and extremely witty. Photographing her for this advertising campaign was fantastic fun. She is extremely inspiring and is completely taken with the bags – with her typical English reserve!

- Karl Lagerfeld

This Fall: Lily Allen is crowned the new face of Chanel’s latest handbag line: The Coco Cocoon.  It’s everyday practicality meets weekend getaway.  The line is signified by fluffy construction, a trend that the fashion powerhouse has taken on for the last several years (remember the Chanel “bubble” totes?).

While Chanel has been consistently issuing (and reissuing) the flap bags in more diverse array of materials (python, stingray or alligator, anyone?) aside from the usual lambskin and caviar leathers, the house headed by Lagerfeld is venturing into different contemporary styles, trying to capture more urban-chic personalities.

The Coco Cocoon consists of large totes and bags worthy for fashionable weekend getaways.  In terms of materials, the nylon and lambskin dominate the collection. Price range? At present: the cheapest is the red quilted lambskin keycase ($375) and the most expensive is a black quilted nylon trolley ($4,125).  Pre-tax, of course. We will say no more and let you devour some of the Coco Cocoon eye candy.

Coco Cocoon

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