My Golden Rule of Fashion; The Proportion

I don’t know if it’s just me who takes proportion too seriously or the combination of a wide sleeves coat with a bell bottom jeans really are not too flattering? I believe the navy Ferragamo capelet style worn by Natalie Portman here would look so much better with a pair of skinny jeans. Or maybe it’s the choice of washes? Would it be better if the denim is lighter in color?


Here in Fashionese Daily, we’re not too crazy about fashion rule but we do have preference that we think suits our body types. My own fashion rule, that I think suits my short and squat shape is to pair clothes that are in proportion of each other. I pair a voluminous skirt with a tighter top or wear legging with a loose top to balance it out. For me, it’s all about proportion.

What do you think ladies, is the outfit a do or a don’t?

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